40 Years of Service and Craftsmanship

In 1978 we were self-taught artisans with a dream, establishing Gary Gilmore Goldsmith in downtown Ocean Beach, San Diego. When our daughters joined the venture, the business name changed to Gilmore Family Jewelers.

Now in our second generation of serving our customers, we’re proud to have worked with generations of families, and grateful for the strong following our creativity and personal service has built over the years.

A New Setting as Elegant as Our Creations

In 2015, we moved our workspace from Ocean Beach to a historic building at Liberty Station in San Diego. Surrounded by gardens and set in the picturesque former naval officers’ quarters, our new location offers an inspiring place to meet with our customers, create new custom jewelry, and showcase our inventory of classic pieces.

Custom Design

We help our customers create unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry heirlooms. The ability to blend techniques from wax carving, hand construction, and computer-generated models allows us to craft distinct artifacts that capture the meaning behind each piece of custom jewelry.


Jewelry Repair

We are experts at jewelry repair and refurbishment with over 40 years of experience. Pearl and bead necklace restringing, engraving, soldering charms on a bracelet or repairing a broken chain are all problems we can solve.

Often your rings will need a check up and cleaning to determine if the prongs are still in good shape and strong enough to hold a stone. We can help with that along with ring sizing and stone replacement. Another common problem is how to fix the large knuckle-small finger dilemma. We can solve that by adding an adjustable shank so you can wear your favorite rings again.

Maybe you have diamond earrings that aren’t sitting well on your earlobe. We have several new types of mountings and ear backs that will help with that problem.

We also offer repair and cleaning of mechanical watches. This includes crystal replacement, movement restoration and exterior refinishing.


Engagement & Wedding Rings

Your engagement and wedding rings are some of the most meaningful purchases you’ll make in your lifetime. We can help you design custom rings from scratch, transform a family artifact into a new piece, craft a new setting for a stone or resize/refurbish an existing ring.

Our engagement & wedding ring customers tend to stick with us for life—we’ve even created engagement rings and 25th-anniversary gifts for the same couples!


Jewelry Evaluation

If a beloved family member has left a collection of jewelry, you may wish to have an evaluation. We can help you determine its precise financial value, refurbish existing pieces or repurpose jewelry into lasting family heirlooms to be passed down through generations.


Unmatched Service and Craftsmanship

We are committed to extraordinary service and craftsmanship, the foundation of our business for 40 years. When you work with Gilmore Family Jewelers, you’ll receive one-on-one attention and beautiful finished jewelry as meaningful as the people you share it with.


Socially Responsible Sourcing

We source our stones ethically and responsibly, having built relationships with our trusted vendors over decades. If you have any questions about sourcing, please don’t hesitate to ask.