Travel Gems: The Tanzanite Gemstone

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What better souvenir than jewelry to help you remember a fun adventure? So with summer upon us we felt it was the perfect time to start our “Traveling Gems” blog series.

We’ve chosen Tanzania to get things started where the ever popular Tanzanite gemstone is mined. Having only one commercial mining source, the hills of Merelani in northern Tanzania, makes this stone rarer than the diamond. Although a gemstone newcomer to the scene, first discovered in 1967, popularity grew quickly due to the vivid color and of course a great ad campaign created by Tiffany & Co.

So what should you look for before purchasing?


Tanzanite ranges from blue to violet to bluish purple. The deep saturated blue tone is the most valuable and expensive. The paler violet tones help make the stone more affordable. When it comes time to decide we always suggest buying the color you like best. Especially when buying to commemorate your travels.


Always try to avoid buying Tanzanite with inclusions visible to the naked eye. We’re not suggesting you bring your own magnifying glass, however if you can see a flaw inside the stone without trying too hard it’s a good idea to keep looking.

Anything else to consider before buying?

Heat Treatment

All commercial Tanzanite is heat treated at low temperatures to remove natural brown color components found in the rough. So if someone tells you a stone has not been heat treated, be wary.


Unfortunately Tanzanite is a softer stone. This just means you need to be more cautious when wearing. If you’re looking for an everyday ring that you can wear without worry then Tanzanite isn’t ideal. This is when we would highly recommend looking into pendant or earring designs. If your dream is still to have a Tanzanite engagement ring then you should go for it! Just be conscious of what you are doing while wearing the ring.


Here is our classic Arches Solitaire featuring a gorgeous Tanzanite. You can view this ring or design your own. With our custom jewelry design process you can pick your own beautiful stone in the setting or band that best complements your personal taste and style.

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Arches Solitaire Tanzanite Ring