Coral Jewelry, Past and Present

Beth GilmoreCustom Jewelry, Gems

Coral JewelryCoral is one of the most beautiful naturally occurring substances on our planet. All types of coral have been used in making jewelry for thousands of years and by many cultures worldwide. The wide range of corals are found in different areas of the oceans and the location where the coral is grown determines the color and type. Each … Read More

Family Heirlooms

Beth GilmoreCustom Jewelry, Vintage

An experience a few years ago really opened my eyes to how family heirlooms become such an important part of our lives. I received a child’s rocking chair when my great-grandmother passed away. I remembered it being in Granny’s house forever. The little rocker moved throughout our lives during changes, remodels and our life as a family. When we downsized … Read More

Falling In Love With Tourmaline, All Over Again

Beth GilmoreCustom Jewelry

It always amazes us how and when inspiration can strike. In this case, a quick five-day trip to Washington, DC has renewed our love of tourmaline and is set to inspire one-of-a-kind custom tourmaline jewelry. Our intention was to immerse ourselves in everything Smithsonian. Our first day at the Natural History Museum we decided to visit the second floor to … Read More

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The Story of Our Captured Tahitian Pearls

Alex GilmoreCustom Jewelry

One of our favorite custom jewelry pieces of all time was our “Captured Pearl Necklace,” a yellow-gold necklace with five beautiful, large, unblemished matching Tahitian pearls. Tahitian pearls were being cultured (grown) in the 1960’s with the aid of Japanese technicians on pearl farms in French Polynesia. Their pearls are noted for their size, luster and orient. They have an … Read More

Say “I Do” to a Custom Engagement Ring

Alex GilmoreCustom Jewelry

Whether you’ve been together for five months or five years, you know she’s the one. You’re ready to take the big leap and propose, but there’s a lot to do before you pop the question. Alex Gilmore of Gilmore Family Jewelers shares a few tips on how to craft a custom engagement ring that expresses your love—and your soon-to-be fiancé’s … Read More