Lab Grown Diamonds

December 2023

Beth GilmoreUpdates

We’ve had many of our clients recently requesting information regarding Lab Grown Diamonds. There are several reasons to choose Lab Grown over Natural Diamonds. There is no mining involved, the beauty and quality are the same and they are a good value. They are created in laboratory conditions using advanced technology. They have the identical optical and chemical properties of … Read More

Wrought Iron Inspired Jewelery

We’re looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas

Beth GilmoreUpdates

We have settled back into San Diego and are enjoying the beautiful fall weather. We’re looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas. The turmoil around the world is making us even more grateful for our family, friends and our holiday traditions. When we travel Gary is always impressed by the beautiful wrought iron work on windows, doors and balconies. Every country … Read More

Glorious, wonderful jewelry at the Victoria and Albert Museum

We’re back home after our vacation

Beth GilmoreUpdates

The trip was full of adventure and inspiration.  It’s wonderful to travel but very nice to be home. Gary is full of new ideas and designs. He’s been sketching away and fine-tuning his skills on his iPad drawing program. We have some new showcase pieces available for the holidays and, as always, are open for appointments to discuss custom and … Read More

Changes for our family

Beth GilmoreUpdates

It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since we relocated our studio in Liberty Station. So much has happened in such a short time. We have loved the experience of having a family business in a small community. We have enjoyed working with both of our daughters. Now we have come full circle. It’s just the two of … Read More